The Strong-Willed Wife by Debbie L. Cherry

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 The Strong-Willed Wife by Debbie L. Cherry 

Using Your Personality to Honor God And Your Husband (Paperback)

Submission isn't a four-letter word

In today's world, the Bible's design for marriage is under constant attack.

It seems that women receive two very different messages: The church teaches submission to all God-given authority, while our culture encourages independence from anyone or anything. And while the idea of submission is tough for any woman to accept, it can be even more difficult for those with strong personalities. All of this can leave many wondering if submission in marriage is even relevant to today's woman. 


Author Debbie L. Cherry believes that authority is still essential to a healthy, vibrant marriage. Join Debbie as she takes an honest look at one of the Bible's most misunderstood teachings. By tackling the common concerns and misconceptions that distort the truth, Dr. Cherry presents the scriptural concept of authority and how it's designed to be a vital part of a loving, secure relationship. You'll discover freedom in letting your husband lead, because submission doesn't mean denying who you are.