Lola Mazola's Happyland Adventure by Glin Dibley

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Lola Mazola's Happyland Adventure by Glin Dibley

No ordinary children's  book, Lola Mazola's Happyland Adventure gives parents a very special do-it-yourself way of leading kids to Christ through the doorway of John 3:16.

The adorable title character learns the meaning and truth of John 3:16 in relation to her desperate desire to visit the Happyland theme park. Who wouldn't want to go? Happyland boasts sixty rides, twenty shows, three hotels, two lakes, a water park, and a zoo!

After the story, a suggested prayer guides children to receive Christ's promise of salvation and everlasting life, while Lola invites them to sign and date a commemorative certificate, cementing this special moment in their memories.

Best-selling author Robert J. Morgan has told this story to children for years and personally witnessed hundreds of them in turn express faith in Jesus.

Publisher:  B&H Publishing Group
Pub. Date:  February 2008
Type:  Hardback
ISBN 10:  0805446338
ISBN 13:  9780805446333
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